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  • Zone Heating Valves

    Green Building

    Zhejiang Low Carbon Emission Building, Energy & Environment Monitor Center

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  • Electromagnetic Water Flow Meter
  • Motorised Zone Valve
  • Electric Diaphragm Pump

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Building Management System


Back to Shanghai Mechanic And Electric Design & Research Institute in 1956


Design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance in the
field of HVAC system, building intelligent and industrial control system

our team

Emphasizing team spirit, concerning perfection&development of every staff
Improve enterprise cohesion&competitiveness by stimulating staff creativity

Demo Center

A complete HVAC management system

Data center

Help clients to monitor their energy system


Ice storage

Workshop - magnetic flowmeter

calibration line up to DN1200

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Green Building, Low Carbon Emission

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  • Zone Heating Valves
  • Boiler Zone Valve
  • Motorised Zone Valve
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company news
china latest news about Group established
On September 29, 2009
The company was established on 29 Sep 2009, aims to green building construction solution, reduce carbon emission, avail energy efficiency.